Senior Supper

The Senior supper that was cancelled back in June has been rescheduled for Wed. August 29, with a rain date of Thurs Aug 30, at  beach 2 6:00.  We will have Hors d’oeuvres and a pontoon cruise on the lake .  Please rsvp by Mon. 8/27 to beaches@paulinskilllake.com or call/text Tracey at 862-354-3606

senior soiree


August Meeting

Please note the August meeting is postponed until Wednesday, August 15th.

Thank you for understanding.

Fish Survey

Attention all fishing people of Paulinskill Lake

In June I attended the COLA meeting and one speaker talked about making our lakes better fisheries. It made me think this would be great for our lake. There are several things we need to do to achieve this:

  1. Do a fish survey to see what we have here. Well the state would like a professional group come in to do this. They shock the fish and then count the fish when they come to the surface. It is an expense we can not afford at this time. So I would like to start an unscientific survey.  Every fish caught whether you catch and release or keep I need a picture of the fish as clear and close up as possible to identify the fish. Please have some shoreline in the picture to verify that it is in fact Paulinskill Lake. I do not want info on fish caught below the dam. Please measure and, if possible, weigh the fish. Send the pictures and measurements to environment@paulinskilllake.com.

         We will post pictures on the FB page and website.

  1. We need to control the carp population. Please if you catch a carp do not release it back to the lake. Humanely dispose of it. ( I love animals also but carp are an invasive species that are taking over and preventing the native fish and creatures of the water from surviving.) I am trying to find someone that can use the carp and will keep you posted.

Once we have a rough idea of the fish in the lake we can start working on stocking fish that can survive here at our lake.

The speaker suggested several fish for this, largemouth bass, channel cats, some pan fish.   

Any help from the fishing people would be greatly appreciated.

Please send any thoughts/ opinions suggestions to environment@paulinskilllake.com.


Hello Membership. This is to inform you of the 2019 open seats on the Board. Vice President, Financial Secretary, Corresponding Secretary each for a two year term. Membership and Buildings & Grounds each for a three term. If you are interested in one of the seats, please email noms@paulinskilllake.com.

Please be advised the July Board Meeting has been moved to Wednesday, July 18, 2018.  The meeting is to be held at Sussex County Community College in the Dining Room of the D building (on the first floor).  All members in good standing are welcome to attend.

Hope to see you there!


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