PLA Monthly Meeting

The PLA will hold its Monthly Meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at 7:00 PM at Stillwater School.  All members in good standing are welcome to attend.

Hope to see you there.


A Nice Compliment

As I came home today and turned onto Ridge Road, I stopped and spoke to most of the crewmen working. I asked how they were doing and how much we appreciate them getting this long overdue project done. One of the crewman, came up to me and said “I have been doing this for many years, and I cannot remember a job where the people have been so nice to us. One family even brought us cookies!!”

This is what Paulinskill Lake is about…kindness, thoughtfulness and appreciation to those who help us. Thank you to all that said the kind words and to the family with the cookies!! To whom ever wrote “Be Kind” on the new PLA bulletin board, your message has been seen and is evident in this great little community we call home.

Thank you, Scott Douglas President Paulinskill Lake Association

Ridge Road Paving

Ridge Road will be milled on Monday and Tuesday (8th & 9th) and then paved on Wednesday and Thursday (10th & 11th).  The road will remain open.  We have already contacted both schools and Stocker Bus.

Lake Draw Down

PLA BOATERS – All boats need to be off of the lake by 14th October. We will be preparing for the lake draw down. Please contact me with any questions. Thank you.

No Wake Weekend

No Wake Weekend. Hello PLA boaters, I am implementing a no wake weekend due to the high water level of the lake. Please be aware of your speed while operating any boat on the lake this weekend, as the water level is approximately 9 inches above normal. Additionally please be mindful of any debris that may be floating and may cause damage.


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