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Cindy Tracey has 46 trees available for Paulinskill Lake Members free of charge.  If you are interested in Sweet Gum, Northern Red Oak, Swamp Oak or Black Walnut trees please contact environmental@paulinskilllake.com


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Please be aware that the permit for the lake draw down is nearing its expiration for the 2015-2016 operation.   The lake must be at capacity by the 13th of February 2016.  To avoid impacting the downstream flow too much we will begin refilling the lake over the next two weeks.  If you have any personal belongings on the lake bed, please make sure to remove them before the levels rise.

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A note from Cindy Tracey our Environmental Trustee-

“Stillwater Township is offering free trees courtesy of the State to help replant trees lost to Sandy. As the Environmental trustee for Paulinskill and a member of the Stillwater environmental committee I requested some of these trees specifically for PLA members. If you are interested in replanting please let me know how many you would like. These trees are from 1 to 3 feet tall. I do not know what types of trees they are.”

Please contact Cindy by email at environment@paulinskilllake.com before mid-night on Sunday, Jan 17th. This offer is open to all PLA members.


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Due to the 2015-2016 lake draw down all boats must be removed from the lake by October 18th.

If you plan to do any work to your lakefront property, please remember to check with your Township to ensure you have any and all permits that may be required. Your Town Hall is your best source for information and advice.

Additionally, if you are performing any work that will disturb the lake bottom, the State of New Jersey DEP should be contacted for guidance. For example, excavation of the lake bed may be considered by the state to be dredging and require permits and approvals. For further information the contact the New Jersey DEP

Anyone interested in helping remove trees that have fallen into the lake please contact any board member. We will post a date as we near our permitted level.

If you have any questions please call Cindy Tracey at 973-579-3824.

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E-Waste Program


Effective Saturday, November 15th 2014.

Please see the attached list for a breakdown of acceptable items.


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