Clearing Snow from Fire Hydrants
When winter is at its coldest, you may want to spend most of your time inside. However, it’s important to keep an eye on what’s happening outdoors, too. Wintry weather can create fire safety hazards, such as ice or heavy snowfall that can obstruct fire hydrants. You can help reduce the risk by keeping fire hydrants accessible and clear of ice and snow.

Why It Matters
In an emergency, every second counts. Fire hydrants that are blocked, concealed, or difficult to access due to snow or ice and impede emergency fire response.
Fire trucks carry a limited amount of water, so one of the first tasks upon arriving at a fire is to locate a water supply from the nearest hydrant. Hydrants covered in snow can be difficult to locate, and uncovering them can waste valuable time needed during a fire fight. Keeping them clear can mean easier access to water and more time doing what really matters – fighting the fire.

How to Keep Fire Hydrants Clear
In addition to removing snow and debris covering the hydrant itself, The Fire Department recommends clearing a 3 foot area around the hydrant for easier access.
The Fire Department also suggests maintaining a shoveled path from the street, sidewalk or driveway to the fire hydrant so that it is visible from the road and firefighters can easily access it.

East End Drive

East End residents – I have contacted Mayor Chammings and asked her for immediate assistance with getting the tree cleared that is blocking the road. She did respond that she spoke to her representative and let her know. I too called JCP&L and explained this situation how we need the tee cleared ASAP. If you need anything, please let me know.

Storm Check-In

From Stillwater Mayor Chammings- According to JCPL with no more snow and ice and safer conditions today residents should see more crews able to work to restore. Remember…safety is first. Hospitals and ems and fire are.critical facilities …they are first priority. People who run on those lines were getting power back last night. please be patient I am hopeful we will see many people getting back up and running today. 35000 people have been affected in this area of Sussex and Warren county. Again trees are 90% of the damage

Veterans Day

Thank you to all those who have served and are currently serving.

Halloween Caution

Paulinskill Members please use caution as possible tree on primary wire near Edgewood Drive… With halloween tricker treaters out please be careful. Winds are picking up.. line of storms coming our way with winds picking up. Please be careful as the night comes to a close .


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