Veterans Day

Thank you to all those who have served and are currently serving.

Halloween Caution

Paulinskill Members please use caution as possible tree on primary wire near Edgewood Drive… With halloween tricker treaters out please be careful. Winds are picking up.. line of storms coming our way with winds picking up. Please be careful as the night comes to a close .

Nextdoor Letter

Members – Please be aware the letter from “Nextdoor” is not from the PLA. The Association has no affiliation with, and does not support of this group.


Members, apparently there are individuals soliciting in the area. I like to ask that if you are approached, just kindly ask to see their permits from Stillwater or Hampton allowing the solicitation. If they can’t provide them, let the individuals know that they need to have the permits in order to continue. If they refuse, or harass you please alert the NJ State Police of their presence. If you have any questions or concerns, or please contact me and/or Tom directly at President@Paulinskilllake.com and/or VP@Paulinskilllake.com. Thank you for keeping a watchful eye on our community.

Monthly Meeting Dates

Members, Please make note the monthly meetings have been rescheduled to the third Tuesday of every month.


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