Tennis Courts

We are pleased to announce the Tennis Courts will be open to Members in Good Standing as of today. – Please take two minutes to read the following guidance from the United States Tennis Association

Because tennis does not require any direct person-to-person contact, players can enjoy the many physical and mental benefits that tennis offers so long as you practice social distancing by keeping six feet apart from other players to ensure you are in a safe exercise environment and follow other safety recommendations included here.


Although there is no specific evidence that tennis balls can spread COVID-19, we know that contamination by respiratory droplets from an infected person can potentially survive on hard surfaces up to three days. If you choose to play tennis, be sure to practice these safety tips and recommendations.

Arrange to play only with family members or others who live in your household or with individuals who are considered to be low risk.
Do not play if any of you:
Are exhibiting any symptoms of the coronavirus: mild to severe respiratory illness with fever, cough and difficulty breathing, or other symptoms identified by the CDC.
Have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
Are a vulnerable individual and your state and region is in Phase One or Phase Two. A vulnerable individual is an elderly individual and/or an individual with serious underlying health conditions, including high blood pressure, chronic lung disease, diabetes, obesity, asthma and those whose immune system is compromised such as by chemotherapy for cancer and other conditions requiring such therapy. (For states and regions in Phase Three, a vulnerable individual can resume public interactions, including playing tennis, but should practice physical distancing.)


Protect against infections:
Wash your hands with a disinfectant soap and water (for 20 seconds or longer), or use a hand sanitizer if soap and water are not readily available, before going to the court.
Clean and wipe down your equipment, including racquets and water bottles. Do not share racquets or any other equipment such as wristbands, grips, hats and towels.
Bring a full water bottle to avoid touching a tap or water fountain handle.
Use new balls and a new grip, if possible.
Consider taking extra precautions such as wearing gloves.
If you need to sneeze or cough, do so into a tissue or upper sleeve.
Arrive as close as possible to when you need to be there.
Avoid touching court gates, fences, benches, etc. if you can.


Try to stay at least six feet apart from other players. Do not make physical contact with them (such as shaking hands or a high five).
You should consider not playing doubles, which could lead to incidental contact and unwanted proximity. If you do play doubles, avoid all incidental contact, NO Bryan Brothers Chest Bumps and NO whispering to each other from a close distance to strategize.
Avoid touching your face after handling a ball, racquet or other equipment. Wash your hands promptly if you have touched your eyes, nose or mouth.
Avoid sharing food, drinks or towels.
Use your racquet/foot to pick up balls and hit them to your opponent. Avoid using your hands to pick up the balls.
Stay on your side of court. Avoid changing ends of the court.
Remain apart from other players when taking a break.
If a ball from another court comes to you, send it back with a kick or with your racquet.


Leave the court as soon as reasonably possible.
Wash your hands thoroughly or use a hand sanitizer after coming off the court.
Do not use the locker room or changing area. Shower at home.
No extra-curricular or social activity should take place. No congregation after playing.
All players should leave the facility immediately after play.


Although unlikely, it’s possible that a tennis ball can transmit the COVID-19 virus, as virtually any hard surface can transmit the disease. So here is an extra precaution you can take to keep safe when playing tennis:

Open two cans of tennis balls that do not share the same number on the ball.
Take one set of numbered balls, and have your playing partner take a set of balls from the other can.
Proceed with play, making sure to pick up your set of numbered balls only. Should a ball with the other number wind up on your side of the court, do not touch the ball with your hands. Use your racquet head or feet to advance the ball to the other side of the court.

We regret to inform that the Memorial Day BBQ has been cancelled. Your safety is our priority and this is the safest option. We will keep you all updated as we are given further direction from the Governor on already planned events and happenings.
We’re in this together, Stay safe, stay strong. #PLAEvents

The 2020 boating season is here, we are sure you are excited about getting out on the lake.  We would like to remind you how important it is that you or anyone operating your boat need to follow P.L.A. Boating Rules as written.  Safety should be your #1 priority when boating. 

PLEASE remember to CLOSE the boat ramp gate and LOCK IT after launching or removing your boat.

It has been brought to the board’s attention that several of the boating rules were not followed last year.  We are sending this email reminding you that as a registered boat owner, you acknowledged receipt of, and certified that you have read and agreed to abide by and uphold the P.L.A. boating rules and N.J. laws governing water skiing on Paulinskill Lake.

We call your attention to the section within the rules outlining the safe operation and speed of boats taken from N.J.A.C. 13:82-3.6:

The speed of all power vessels shall be regulated at all times to avoid injury to any craft, whether in motion or anchored to any type of construction, either directly or by the effect of the wash or wake raised due to speed of such vessel.  The operator of a vessel is responsible for any damage caused by the wake of his vessel.

Interpretation for Paulinskill Lake:

Because Paulinskill lake is so narrow and shallow, extra care must be taken in regard to the wake raised by a boat. Slow speed operation of a boat at speeds of approximately 5 M.P.H. to 18 M.P.H.  will generally raise a large wake which can be very dangerous to persons and property.  At speeds below 5 M.P.H., or above 18 M.P.H., the wake is substantially smaller. As a guide, if the bow of the boat is raised at an angle towards the sky, the boat is traveling at a speed which is creating a potentially dangerous wake. Speed up or slow down to reduce the size of the wake.  Large wakes are a substantial contributor to the lake silting up. Large wakes cause sand, sediment, and other material in the shallow areas at the shore to be washed into the deep parts in the middle of the lake. Speed up or Slow down to reduce the size of the wake!!  As the operator of a boat, you need to pay attention to the NO WAKE ZONES, as well as understand the location of those areas on the lake.

Negligent Operation: No person shall operate any motorboat, or any vessel, in a reckless or negligent manner so as to endanger the life, limb, or property of any person.

The board is asking you, as a responsible boat owner to follow all the rules.  Additionally, we need you to be vigilant in ensuring our lake remains a safe place for all.  Please report any misconduct witnessed to President@Paulinskilllake.com or call 973-383-4476.  When reporting, be as specific as possible.  Include the date & time of the incident, make of the boat, names of the individuals involved (if possible), and the misconduct witnessed (wake issue, speeding, too close to a dock, etc.). Social media is not an appropriate method of raising a complaint.  Please call or send an email.

As per the P.L.A. By-Laws:

Should the President receive a report of misconduct by a member, family member, guest or tenant, (s)he may resolve the complaint with the member; or refer the matter to the appropriate authorities; or may refer the matter to a committee of no less than three or more than five members. The committee shall investigate the complaint and interview appropriate persons. The committee shall report back to the President with recommendations for an appropriate resolution of the matter. In serious or repetitive instances, membership privileges of a member may be suspended by a majority vote of the Board of Trustees. Any such suspended member who feels he is aggrieved by such action by the Board of Trustees may, at the next regular meeting of the Association, appeal to the membership at large to reconsider the action of the Board of Trustees and the majority vote of the members at such meeting shall be final.

In closing, the purposes for which this Association is organized are:
A. To provide mutual protection and enforcement of property rights for the common welfare of the general membership of the Paulinskill Lake Community.
B. To provide for maintenance and operation of any property belonging to the Association.
C. To promote, sponsor and encourage congenial fellowship among property owners.
D. To provide an adequate system of administration of the affairs of the community of the Paulinskill Lake development.
E. To seek necessary improvements from time to time to the best interests of the property owners.
F. To provide encouragement and maintenance of facilities for recreation, boating, fishing, tennis and other forms of outdoor and indoor sports.
G. To act on behalf of all members affecting Paulinskill Community or its environs.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email, and please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.


Paulinskill Lake Association

PLA 2020 Spring Newsletter

Stillwater is still by official COVID test results, not on the official positive list. Let’s keep it that way as long as we can. BUT if you are not feeling well and have the symptoms call your primary care physician and let him or her help you.

Mayor Chammings checked with the Mayor of Hardwick and he reported that Blairstown, Hardwick, Frelinghuysen, and Knowlton are still Positive Test free as well. So lets INVEST in keeping those positives to a minimum.

Be safe… Be wise… Be positive in our attitudes and actions and keep that other positive from those you love!!!


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